Got Home Based Business Blues? How To Bounce Back And Focus For Success

Every year thousands of Entrepreneurs experience set-backs and suffer in quiet desperation. They’re drained of energy and optimism. Their prayers are unanswered. And, their wallets are empty. Many have tried several different ways to fulfill their dreams, or end their nightmares. So, how do you bounce back and succeed when it seems that all hope gone?Above the dark hovering cloud of “Blues”, you will fine that there is brilliant light waiting for a chance to beam through. And that light will shine radiantly once a few key elements are set in place, and developed in your home based business. If you’re serious about your goals and future, take note of the following. Then, apply them to your life, and your business:Master Your Law Of AttractionThe thoughts you think, the words you speak, the information you absorb, and the energy you radiate — cast a reflection on the way you feel about YOU! They also determine everything, and every person, you attract into your life — Negative Or Positive. If you want circumstances to change, and business to flourish, make a declaration to proactively create a positive attitude. The Law Of Attraction is real. It’s powerful. So use it consciously. Use it wisely. Over the next 21 Days, try some of the following exercises, or come up with some of your own.EXAMPLE: Substitute the evening news with positive tv programs. Substitute the paper with positive and empowering articles and books. Be creative and position yourself to meet people that have what you are striving to accomplish. Avoid negative conversations, negative people, and arguments. Don’t be envious of others. Genuinely admire their happiness and achievements. Refrain from the urge to complain. Practice more patience. Loosen up and smile. Start affirming how beautiful, smart, successful, and sexy you are. Start eliminating the phrase “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that” from your vocabulary. Replace it the question, “how can I do this … or that?”You will start to notice how much better you feel. And you will also notice conditions change, and the way people respond to you. Opportunities will begin to emerge from obstacles.Increase And Exude Self-ConfidenceIn the beginning we feel pretty confident about our self-images, and our businesses. But some where along the line we may experience a few “bumps in the road”, or major set-backs. These experiences can deflate our confidence and immobilized us with fear. No matter how large or how small the circumstances, you can regain and increase your confidence by using experiences as opportunities to grow. So when the urge hits, don’t kick yourself for imperfections and perceived failures. Don’t beat yourself up for not hitting the $2,000 target in sales last month. Understand that behind every major success story, is a “sob story.” Understand that no one is perfect by definition. However, you do possess your own unique qualities, talents, skills, intellect, and beauty. So discover what they are. And use them to paint a picture of what you want to become. Start acknowledging accomplishments, and the value you can bring to other people’s lives. Also examine what you did to overcome past mistakes. What did you do when you made mistakes in school… behind the wheel… or on the softball field? Chances are you evaluated what you were doing wrong, and tried other strategies until you got it right!Create A Clearer Vision & Sharper FocusAt some point in time you closed your eyes and envisioned yourself as a Successful Entrepreneur. What sparked your dream? What motivating factor turned your desire into action? Was it the relief of financial liberation? Was it the excitement of new discoveries while vacationing in the tropics of South America? Perhaps it was the simple luxury of spending more time with the kids; cherishing every moment of their precious lives and joyful laughter. What ever it was, hold on to it. Don’t give up. Make that dream crystal clear and bring it to life. Close your eyes and give it some energy and emotion! Hang pictures around that represent the life-style you dream of. In your mind, allow your five senses to experience it — so that your subconscious can go to work and manifest it. What I am suggesting may sound like “child’s play”, but it’s extremely important. When you are not reaching your goals in business, you will need visual reminders for target practice. They will give you focused energy to continue moving in the right direction.Incorporate Self-Honesty With Better Business PracticesOne of the good things about running a hone based business is that results are measurable, almost immediately. But you must be introspective, and honest enough to examine exactly what works, and what doesn’t. You will discover that the level of results you desire may require a change in your program, such as: marketing strategies or a better business opportunity. Your work habits also play a significant role in the success or failure of your business. This is the moment where I suggest taking time to ask your self a few questions. Do you feel excited about the business you are promoting? Are your marketing methods helping you reach your goals, or just draining your pockets? Are you self motivated? Or, do you waste a lot of time doing things that are counterproductive to your achievements? Do you feel more comfortable working for someone else, or working for yourself? To reach the source of your “Blues”, be honest with your answers. Use this information and start writing down business and/or self-improvement ideas. Become open-minded enough to do whatever it takes, learn whatever it takes, and become whatever it takes! Then, find resources that will provide solutions to your problems.As an Entrepreneur, I’ve experienced the emotional roller-coaster we often ride in home based business industry. How did I bounce back? How did I become more grounded and focused for success? Pretty simple. I follow and apply the same principles I out-lined in this article. For every failure, financial set-back, and emotional melt-down — there is another opportunity cross the finish line victoriously.